Bridget S.
Submitted 12/02/21
Dr was very nice and I didn’t have to wait long.

Vincent T.
Submitted 10/14/21
Friendly and great with my children. Made sure to cover everything and make sure he felt better before we even left

Taylor P.
Submitted 10/10/21
Very nice and for how busy and understaffed they were they were super quick!

Pattie G.
Submitted 09/27/21
Dr. Alabbas and his staff are very friendly and fast.

Brian C.
Submitted 09/08/21
Fast and friendly

Shannon B.
Submitted 09/03/21
Made an appointment online and was seen within 10 mins of my time.

JoEllen F.
Submitted 08/24/21
PC Amy diagnosed my eye infection within minutes. I was out the door headed to pick up a script at Family pharmacy in a few short minutes. My time spent at Family pharmacy is usually less than a couple minutes as well.

Camila U.
Submitted 08/24/21
the nurse practitioner we saw was great and super helpful with getting our prescription filled at a late hour! Very impressed!

Payton Y.
Submitted 08/10/21
LaShonda at the front desk, Edwin the MA, and Dr. Lepak we’re all so kind, compassionate, caring, and helpful.

Kaori B.
Submitted 04/04/21
It was easy to follow directions

Phillip H.
Submitted 02/08/21
My wife and I have been to the clinic three times recently dealing the covid virus. The staff was most courteous, comforting and friendly. Our experience was very good — we will be returning.

Submitted 02/05/21

Janice B.
Submitted 01/01/21

Marianne H.
Submitted 12/27/20
The team was very efficient and kind

Edward B.
Submitted 11/21/20
Easy online appointments friendly staff and quick wait times

Laura D.
Submitted 10/08/20
The Dr. remembers me every time I go. It is the fastest urgent care I have ever been to!

WilliamChris D.
Submitted 09/22/20
Perfect and efficient

Kayli A.
Submitted 09/18/20
Always kind and very fast. We have never been here for a walk in appointment any longer than an hour.

Carrie M.
Submitted 09/14/20
Staff was great, service was quick. I was able to get in right after suffering a fall. Very happy.

Avery M.
Submitted 09/10/20
Dr and staff were so nice and helpful!

Jessica M.
Submitted 07/22/20
Doctor and the office were pretty quick and very pleasant 🙂

Angela Q.
Submitted 07/22/20
Great bedside manners .

Jarrell C.
Submitted 07/07/20
Great customer service. And Dr. Ahmad was very professional.

Robin J.
Submitted 06/16/20
I have chronic sinus infections so they know me there.They always accommodate my schedule and are personable yet prompt.

David M.
Submitted 04/16/20
The greatest doctor, in the world. Dr. Alabbas, is a medical genius and highly effective. You will be amazed, at how he will pinpoint the medical ailments you are experiencing and will not hesitate to provide you with the best possible care: imaginable! Awesome!

Sarah L.
Submitted 10/29/19
He was really kind and personable.

Amanda S.
Submitted 10/21/19
Good Doctor, the medicine is working. Thanks

Arihiko K.
Submitted 10/17/19
Pedrizon will not sleep in night time. This makes worth to me.

Kerry L.
Submitted 09/18/19
Visit was pretty quick. Space was clean. The doctor was very nice and responsive.

Toya P.
Submitted 09/12/19

Samantha M.
Submitted 09/12/19
Best urgent care!! Fast and the doctor is awesome! I wish he was my primary doctor!

Enrique A.
Submitted 09/12/19
I cut the tip of my index finger with pruners. Dr. Alabbas was very thorough in explaining what would happen to my wound and how he expected it to heal, and how to treat it. Upon my 2nd visit (3 days later), once again he explained how it was already healing and told me he was pleased to see it heal this much so far. This made me feel very comfortable.

Angie S B.
Submitted 09/11/19
Doctor Alabbas is kind and extremely knowledgeable. I wish it was possible for him to be my primary physician. I’m seen, diagnosed, and prescribed for in a short amount of time.

Submitted 09/11/19
came for a bladder infection in and out in 40 min.

Debra L.
Submitted 09/10/19
Professional, courteous service

Ken M.
Submitted 08/20/19
He is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He goes the extra mile and takes due care. Highly recommended!

Emma E.
Submitted 07/03/19
Very nice and quick. Super helpful Doctor

Eston L.
Submitted 05/27/19
The doctor’s are always knowledgeable, kind, and professional.

Mary L.
Submitted 04/27/19
Quick and efficient!

Elias S.
Submitted 04/17/19
This urgent care place is very good

Lawana C.
Submitted 04/17/19
Very friendly receptionist and fast service!

Rene H.
Submitted 04/12/19
Dr. Alabbas has helped my elderly mother and I on many occasions for different issues and each time he has been very kind and made us feel cared for. We were diagnosed and helped successfully each time.

Angelica M.
Submitted 04/10/19
He’s always friendly and get us in and out fast

Submitted 04/10/19
Diagnosed me when three other physicians were wrong!!!!! Thank you Dr. Alabbas